5 Tips to Help You Focus When Working From Home

29 October, 2020

Lifestyle Tips,

2020 continues to challenge the entire world. Don't beat yourself up if this hasn't been your most productive year. We encourage you to keep doing your best, keep showing up for yourself and your family, and keep prioritizing the most important parts of your life. We have some tips to help get more work done at home.

1. Don’t stay in your pajamas. 

Getting dressed into clothes you would normally wear for work can help you make the mental switch into work mode much easier. There’s a transition that takes place from when you’re in night clothes to when you’re in your work or daytime clothes. This transition is necessary if you have hopes of maintaining focus during your work day.  

2. Set alarms for break times. 

It’s human to get distracted, but left unchecked it can be a huge impediment to your work. Allow yourself the same amount of breaks you would normally take during your work day so that once the alarm sounds, you’re able to get back to work. Studies show that these planned moments where you can step away from what you’re doing actually improve productivity. 

3. Communicate frequently. 

For many of us working remotely, this is the first time we are working off-site. This is why it’s vitally important to stay in close contact with key coworkers and supervisors. Make sure expectations are also clearly outlined. Even if you’re more used to emailing or texting, make it a point to do at least one voice or video call a day (outside of group meetings) with your supervisor and/or coworkers to check in. 

4. Have a specific area designed only for work

It’s much easier to focus on being productive when you have a dedicated space meant only for work. If you’re on your laptop in front of the TV, there’s not much chance you’ll get anything done. Elements you might want to add to your space include very little clutter, images that inspire you, light music and plenty of natural light.  

5. If you have small children, do the best you can.

It can be exceedingly rough when you have children at home who are still largely dependent on you for all of their needs. If age appropriate, now is a good time to try and teach your little one some independent play skills. Otherwise, be gentle with yourself if you need to let them watch an educational program for longer than you normally would so that you can get some work done.  

During this difficult time, many of us are working from home and yet, actually getting work done from home can be extremely difficult without the right knowledge and focus. Use these tips to help you stay in the zone all work-week-long. Kratos is dedicated to helping Ohio residents all across the Buckeye state be the heroes of their homes by providing affordable natural gas and knowledge that helps families make their houses into homes. If you’re tired of getting the runaround or paying too much for your gas service, contact us today and ask about our variable rate plan.