Do I Need A Contractor?

31 January, 2022

Save Money,

Are contractors all crooks? Or do they play an important role when it comes to renovations? You may have heard horror stories from friends or family about jobs abandoned, prices gouged, and homes destroyed but we want to assure you that with our information you will be mentally and financially prepared to take on any project you envision, with or without a contractor.

What is a Contractor’s Job?

The ideal contractor is responsible for the execution of your vision. They possess the knowledge, resources, and contacts to get your project off the ground. You hire a contractor to ensure that any bumps in the road are smoothed out, that the job is completed safety and up to code, and you end with a project you feel completely at peace with. Contractors are great at helping plan and budget for your home improvement, since their experience can foresee issues before they arise. 

When To Hire

Consider your personal time and ability level when deciding on hiring a contractor. Ask yourself a few questions. 

-Do you have the tools and strength to get the job done alone? 

-Do you need specialized skills?

-Do you know how to pull permits for the project?

-Will the project take longer than a full week of work?

-Do I need electrical work done?

If the answer to any of these questions is no, hire a contractor. Their skills help to navigate difficult home projects and the scope of their work goes beyond just the physical job. You want to keep your home safe, first and foremost.

When to DIY

Some jobs can be tackled by YouTube videos and some elbow grease. Even with inexperienced home-owners, some jobs can appear more difficult that they truly are. Jobs like:

-Replacing a toilet


-Some tiling

-Yard work

-Jobs that cost less than $1,000

If you are still on the fence about these odd jobs, consider hiring a handyman. Not a expensive as a general contractor but these people can be extremely knowledgeable. 

What To Look For

When researching a company always look for:

-Experience. You want someone who has been in the business for years. 

-Pictures. Try to see pictures of their actual work. Close up details.

-Reviews. Check to make sure there are no glaring bad reviews. Check your local BBB for serious complaints.

-License. They need to be licensed and registered with the Ohio Department of Commerce. 

Congrats on striking out with your own home improvement! Follow these easy tips for an easier experience on getting the job done. And keep checking back to the Kratos Gas & Power blog for more money saving and home tips!