Life Saving Weatherproofing Ideas

30 September, 2021

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After a warmer than average summer, be assured, cold is coming. Midwestern winters are nothing to scoff at, parts of Ohio even have to contend with the dreaded lake effect. With single-digit temps, how will you save money on your utility bill? Fall is the perfect time to get your house in order. Before the first frost, you want to identify and fix any potential trouble sources around your home. By tackling problems early, you won’t have to deal with expensive and cumbersome fixes later in the season. Read on to educate yourself on these simple weatherproofing ideas.


Windows are an unfortunate source of heat leakage, a home can lose up to 10% of its heat via these vessels! Prevent this drastic loss:

-Check for cool drafts. Identify any holes in sealants and re-close.

-Insulate your windows with plastic and a hairdryer. This adds an extra layer of protection and can be done extremely cheaply! This is an excellent tutorial that will take you step-by-step. 

-Blackout curtains. These heavy-duty curtains will keep heat in and cold out. Step up your curtain game by placing magnets along the bottom hem, and a magnetic strip along your baseboard. This will securely seal the draft out!


HVAC system- Make sure that your heating, ventilation, and a/c system is in top working order by scheduling a home inspection. You want to have a professional inspection at least once a year. But twice a year, fall and spring can literally save your residence. There are thousands of fires started in homes each year from strained HVAC systems in changing temperatures. 

Water Heater- With power outages common after winter ice storms, you’ll want to be sure that your water heater stays working at full strength. Become familiar with the type of water heater your home contains, how old it is, and what maintenance it needs. This article breaks down the 5 types of water heaters and their individual needs. Did you know that a gas-powered water heater is the best choice for families if your heating system is natural gas? Consider the switch to Kratos Gas to save even more money with a variable rate!


Home siding-Small holes and air leaks can develop over the course of the year and it is important to address these before the winter. This is for multiple reasons, small pests can find their way inside your home, looking for warmth and your heat will disappear and raise your utility prices! Check for gaps, home repair of siding is quite simple when tackled early, caulk will generally fill the hole to be airtight.

Paint-This is your first defense against the elements. Chipped and peeling paint can lead to mold and mildew growth in the spring. Tackle problem areas now, sand and re-paint so that when the spring thaw begins, you won’t be worried about further problems with your exterior!

Work upfront can help save you a headache in the future. And this is especially true for homeownership, small fixes now save big dividends later. Be sure to tackle these simple weatherproofing ideas before the first frost and you’ll be sitting comfortably warm in your energy-efficient home. Check back with the Kratos Gas & Power Blog throughout the season for more helpful tips!