Maximize Home Value; Upgrade The Exterior Of Yours

23 August, 2021

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Summer weather is beautiful for being outside, enjoying nature, and staying active. An additional activity that homeowners can explore during the summer sun is updating their exterior. From the paint color to lighting, to landscaping, the proper look of the exterior can increase the value of a home! Learn more about projects you can take on that have a high return on investment (ROI).


When taking on the landscaping in the front of your home there are several factors to consider. How much sun exposure your home gets, the upkeep, and plants that are native to Ohio. Take time to study the sun throughout the day so you are able to properly assess what plants you will need. Ohio is considered a Zone 6 hardiness indicator. Here are several options for Ohioans for any sun exposure.

Full Shade (<4 hours sun exposure)
-Old-Fashioned Bleeding Heart

Part Shade (3-6 hours of sun with shade in the midpoint of the day)
-Bigroot Geranium
-Toad Lily

Part Sun (3-6 hours of sun)
-Wild Geranium
-Joe Pye Weed

Full Sun (6+ hours of sun)
-Black-eyed Susan
-Bee Balm

Exterior Paint

The color of your home actually has a huge impact on curb appeal. Whether you are looking for a quick spruce up or to ready your home for a showing there is much to consider. Experts suggest that before you pick your color look at trends happening in your surrounding area, consider the materials your home is made of, and the style of your home. Dig deep into the specifics with this knowledgeable article.

DIY or Hire Help

After carefully choosing your color, now comes the hardest part of all. How will you accomplish your task? There is a choice between DIY or hiring a company. You may save money by doing the job yourself, but there is a considerable safety risk to consider. If your house is two stories or more, you will need scaffolding, ladders, and more than likely, a paint sprayer. An exterior paint job usually requires at least two coats of paint, and this is after you have patched any holes, sanded any problem areas, and cleaned the surface. For industrious do-it-yourselfers, all of these steps may feel easy-breezy, but for anyone on the fence about beginning this arduous task, hiring a company comes with many perks. The assurance of their expertise, crew size, and specific tools will have you appreciating your new paint color sooner than later.

New Windows

There isn’t a specific number of years that windows last, but when the function of the window starts to degrade it is probably time. Feeling drafts, condensation in between the window panes, rust that prevents from opening, etc. At this point in the lifespan of the windows, you might notice your utility bills rising. Replacement windows can help stop the loss of AC/heat and improve your curb appeal. Window replacement has a pretty high ROI, with Remodeling Magazine reporting up to an 81% return on investment.

We often think of the internal redesign of our homes and for good reason. We reside internally and don’t spend hours staring at the outside of our home. But remember the age-old saying, first impressions count. When deciding what will raise the value of your home, consider the exterior upgrades above. And keep checking back to the Kratos Gas & Power blog for more homeowner tips.