Tips to Keep Your Travel Cheap

16 July, 2021

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Vacation is the brief break in our routine that we look forward to, and it may feel like a no-brainer when it comes to planning it. But are you making the most out of your vacation? Are you falling into money pitfalls that may cost you precious funds? We give you our insight into how to maximize your budget and your fun while traveling!

Packing Tips

Packing can feel overwhelming. The key is to plan before you execute. Being aware can save plenty of hassle and tears along the journey.

-Make a list. Down to toiletries! This allows you to see in black and white what you will be bringing.

-Be sure to check with airlines before you fly on their specific dimensions and weight limitations. 

-Check with your rental car to see the trunk space available. 

-” Sausage roll” your clothing to maximize space in your luggage

-With children, take a trip to the dollar store for toys that are new but ultimately disposable. Keeping the well-loved and pricier toys at home helps to divert disaster.

-Bring less than what you think. There is a tendency to overpack, in reality, many clothing items that only hold one occasional purpose are unnecessary.

Switch to a Variable Rate

When you travel this summer, shouldn’t you save money on your household bills when you are away? We think so too. When you get locked into a fixed rate for your natural gas services, the same amount will show up on your statement, month after month. A variable rate will fluctuate, and in summer our rates trend downwards, saving you extra cash for the vacation account! Be sure to check out our current rates today! 

Make Your Own Meals

Eating out can quickly add up. Especially when traveling with children. You may notice that the same mac and cheese that you buy for 1$ a box is now five dollars on a menu for a small bowl. Try to utilize the grocery store wherever you are for convenient and quick meals. Depending on your lodging you can strategically eat several different ways.

Airbnb- When you have a full kitchen at your disposal, any meal can be a breeze. If you don’t love cooking or spending precious vacation time doing so, grab pre-cut and pre-washed veggies. Look for marinated proteins to help have a flavorful and complete dinner. Several chain grocery stores offer full dinners for various size families, ready to heat and eat.

Hotel- You may not be able to cook full meals but utilize what you have! A microwave can easily heat up instant noodles, frozen breakfast sandwiches, and even cook eggs! Check out this recipe for cheesy eggs ala microwave!

On the go- After a full day of adventuring, defenses can be down and moods can be cranky. This is usually the time that parents and their budgets break down. A great way to prevent this and stick to your savings is to stock up on supplies. Dry snacks like nuts, trail mix, and crackers are cheap and withstand heat well. In addition to the dry, try carrying mini dips, hummus, salad dressings, etc. to jazz up the flavors. There are a plethora of excellent cooler bags that won’t weigh you down. Remember that preparation is the key to success.

These tips can help you and your family save money, time, and tears while on your summertime vacations! Be sure to check back to the Kratos Gas & Power Blog for more excellent content.