Top Tailgating Tips

28 October, 2020

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With just weeks away before the big showdown between the Michigan Wolverines and Ohio Buckeyes, we’ve prepared some helpful tips for you to keep in mind while you prepare for your tailgating party. The following advice is sure to help you and your guests have a successful and amazing tailgating experience.  

Prepare Food Ahead of Time

 Even if it’s just making sure snacks and meats are in the right containers before you head out, every food can be prepped in advance. Make sure to marinate any meat the night before and set aside all condiments and ingredients game-goers will need on tailgating day. Also make sure you have enough ice to keep food and drinks cold during the game. Speaking of cold, if it’s going to be freezing on game day, consider adding a comfort food like chili and festive, warm drinks like a warm hard cider. 

Have the Right Equipment

 It happens to all of us at least once. We bring all the food and drinks but forgot the plates, napkins or cups. You also need to consider the kind of food you’re bringing and if it might be messy to eat. There’s nothing worse than enjoying barbecue or a sticky treat and then being left with messy fingers or wiping them all over your shirt. Pack napkins or wet wipes ahead of time to avoid mishaps like these. Also consider bringing a clear storage bin or some kind of container to keep dirty dishes. 

Let the Games Begin

 Have something to keep guests busy and mingling if they arrive before the game. Some tried and true favorites are beer pong, cornhole and ring/bean bag toss. There are a number of other games, too, like flip cup, can jam and pocket passer that can be set up quickly once you find your spot. Even if you don’t have the equipment for these games in your arsenal, you can at least bring a football to toss around, test your friends’ knowledge with sports trivia or play cards. 

Bring on the Spirit 

 Find a way to incorporate the team colors or décor that’s somehow related to the team or at least the game. Some ideas other than painting your face include wearing a team jersey, using car markers to show support for your team or bringing blankets, pillows or cushions that have your team’s colors on them. You can also set the mood before the festivities begin by playing the pre-game on the radio while you get set up.  

Don’t Forget the Essentials

 No one wants to be that guy (or gal) who has an ear-splitting headache or gets a painful sunburn because they didn’t think ahead and do a little disaster-planning. Make sure to bring items like sunscreen, bug spray, a first aid-kit, jumper cables, a flashlight, ice packs and duct tape. Also try to assume that whatever you bring with you is probably going to have to come home with you, too - so bring plenty of trash bags for quick and easy clean-up throughout the game. These items are super easy to forget unless you make a conscious effort to pack them ahead of time and check them off your list - or you might be sorry you didn’t. 

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