Spend Summer Vacation Saving

28 May, 2022

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Summer vacation is here! What are your plans? When school is out, kids are free, and the perfect timing for vacations opens up. How do you plan yours? Meticulous research or more go with the flow trips? We have tips to make your summer vacation one for the books and most importantly, one that doesn’t break the bank!


Booking early can save your family tons of money. The suggested time to pre-book for flights is around 30 days domestically. Utilize tracking software like Google Flights or check out this extensive collection of sites to watch when the lowest price occurs. 

If you are able to be fluid on a location you would like to visit, last-minute or flash sales happen often. Keep a budget in mind and then jump on the chance when it presents itself.

Make sure that you vacation proof your home before you travel. Preventable energy waste happens in most households and can increase your bills by 25%! Save yourself some money while you are away! Close all windows, check seals, and close blinds and window shades. Set your temperature to 85 degrees, and unplug all non-vital appliances. Check out Kratos’ variable rate for natural gas as well! This is an excellent way to save money when not at home.

During the trip

While traveling there are a few ways to save on big expenditures like food and lodging. 

Food- Visit grocery stores. Not only for stocking up on snacks but for meals as well! Pre-made meals for singles or for several can help you save tons while enjoying your trip. Have picky eaters that all want something different? Easily accomplished when visiting salad bars or delis. Consider these options instead of dining in, especially because you eliminate the wait associated with restaurants. 

Lodging- When choosing where to stay, you don’t want to skimp on safety when it comes to where you lay your head. A great way families are now sleeping is in rentable RVs. This way your transport and roof are under one umbrella! Great for kids who need regularly timed naps or for ages that may need more private space. Instead of a cramped hotel room, they can stretch out! RV parks across the United States are known for providing excellent amenities while keeping the cost low. Check out this great guide to first-time RV trippers.

Family vacations are supposed to be good memories for all involved. Don’t rip your hair out when planning or participating in yours! Follow these simple tips to help make your summer a breeze without breaking the bank. Keep checking back to the Kratos Blog for more lifestyle and money-saving tips!