Work Smarter; Strategically Plan Your Day

01 July, 2021

Lifestyle Tips,

Life can feel crazy at times. There never seems to be enough hours in the day and tasks continually slip through the cracks. How will we be able to do it all? Instead of trying the same techniques and failing, why not reorganize your schedule and maximize your time? We have a few unique ways to strategically plan your day.

Know Thyself

The first step is understanding yourself. Beyond what you want to be, where are you at now? This includes recognizing if you are a morning person, a procrastinator, type A, etc. In order to strategically plan your life, you must know your personality archetype well enough to biohack your way to a better future. Once you are able to categorize your personality you'll be able to structure your days to maximize your brainpower and energy throughout. Certain personality quizzes have been well respected and well-known to dive deep into your psyche.

Alternative Sleep Schedules

The traditional 8 hours is a stale concept. This often does not work in one stretch for most people. The way that our lives are structured often leaves room for crashes mid-afternoon or late-night insomnia. Instead of rigidly sticking to a specific bedtime, consider augmenting your sleep schedule. There have been studies that show that separating the 8 hours and spacing out sleep throughout the day, can be extremely helpful. This technique, called biphasic sleep, has proven benefits. From better brain function to happier dispositions. There are also different strategies for 20-minute naps, training your body to enter the REM cycle quickly. This way you won’t have to struggle through 2 to 3 hours of groggy sub-par work, you are able to biohack your brain, and refresh your day.


Reconsider traditional eating schedules. Again, the old model of three meals a day can sometimes be cumbersome, unrealistic, or even hold you back when it comes to brain function. There are many “fad” diets that can actually help kickstart energy during your day. These strategies can involve staggering meals or refueling every few hours. To figure out what works for you best, notice how you feel when you're hungry. Do you feel agitated, distracted? Then eating small meals or snacks throughout the day may be your best bet. Are you the type that feels energized and focused when you are hungry? Then perhaps long periods of fasting can be helpful for you. There are studies that support both sides of eating. And both can be beneficial for not only thinking clearly but also repairing muscles and bodily functions.

We realize as a society that a one size fits all approach is a thing of the past. We are the generation of discovery and personalization! Lean in and learn more about your inner workings, strategically plan your day to create a more productive life. And keep checking back to the Kratos Gas & Power blog for more lifestyle tips and ideas.