Spring Safety From Roof to Foundation

23 April, 2021

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As snow thaws, beautiful signs of spring begin to show. While these natural sights become apparent, it is also a reminder to investigate any kind of negative effects winter had on your home. It may seem like everything is on pause in the winter, there still can be different parts of your home that might begin to show signs of dilapidation. It is important to tackle these, just as you would your spring cleaning and wardrobe change out. Kratos Gas & Power is here to show you tips for these important jobs for your spring safety.

Check for fire hazards. There is no longer a winter snow coating on the ground which means there is a higher chance for spontaneous fires. Lightning, dry grass, stray flames from bonfires, etc. can all be risk factors when it comes to fire. Be sure to check around your property and inside of your home for various flammable items. These include:

-old paint cans



-dryer lint buildup




-dead leaves

Check for rot/mold around the base of the house. During winter there are still chances for water damage. Once the temperatures start to warm up, this water damage can quickly turn into mold. This can be dangerous if it reaches the internal section of the home. Be sure to do a full circle around your property, check for cracks in outer siding, spots with standing water, or signs of mold.

Look for critters that have weaseled their way into your attic and garage. During winter, animals seek shelter anywhere they can. This often includes attics, garages, and covered porches. They can build nests and soon, generations of cute creatures will start to live in the home with you and your family! Prevent this by looking for signs of droppings, holes, and chewed wires. If you do happen to identify a nest, rid your home of these pests by following these helpful tips.

While doing your spring safety inspection, it is a good time to make sure that the rest of your house is in safe order. Make sure your smoke alarms have fresh batteries and your fire extinguisher is up to date. It is paramount to have a family escape plan that everyone knows, how you will exit the home if there is a fire or any natural disaster. Where you will meet up if you get separated, and the phone numbers of important people. Update your go bag with copies of essential documents like birth certificates, car registration, etc. Also, be sure that items inside the go-bag have a full charge and aren't expired.

Spring safety ensures a healthy and happy year for you and yours. It is a weekend job that you will thank yourself for later. Be sure to continue checking back to the Kratos Gas & Power blog for more helpful home improvement and lifestyle tips.