Save Your Back, Switch Your Snow Shovel

01 December, 2021

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The snowfall seal has been broken. And while the early flurries may be light, it doesn’t mean we shouldn’t look towards the future of this winter. The classic snow shovel has been around for decades, 1889 to be exact, invented by a woman named Lydia Fairweather. And while there have been improvements on the classic, the scrape and scoop tend to be fairly recognizable. Have you upgraded your snow shovel in a while? Learn how small differences can make a big difference in your body throughout this winter season.

Snow Blowers

Now, these can be the mac daddy of saving your back during the colder months. But are they worth the investment? A good snowblower can run you several thousand dollars! While the ease of snow removal for your home and your neighbors can sound good, are you prepared for the upkeep required? Snowplows need regular fuel or charging, can get clogged with large snowfalls, and need regular maintenance similar to a car.

Curved Handle vs. Straight

You may have seen these curved shape handles, they look like handles that have been bent out of shape! These are actually ergonomically designed to reduce strain on the lower back. A lower back injury is no way to enjoy those winter months. A great tool for those who may suffer from previous injuries or sensitivities. This bend keeps the shoveler from bending over too much while gathering snow. Seems great right? But, a straight-handled shovel has its benefits as well. The straight-handled shovel lessens the strain on wrists while lifting the load. Those with a stronger upper body may do well with sticking with the straight handle.

Round Vs. Rectangle

The scooping shape of the bottom of the shovel actually matters more than you think! Round-shaped bottoms are best for gathering snow onto the shovel. That means when you are barreling through your driveway you will be able to hack away effectively. The rectangle-shaped bottoms are better for simply pushing snow out of the way. When you have a smaller drift, this shape can do you well. When you do not have a need for heavy lifting, this can be a quick way to clear your path!

Enhance Your Shoveling

If you are a go-getter, prepping your walkways for snowfall may save you time out in the snow this winter. There are helpful snow removal enchantments that can keep snow from piling up!

Salt-This classic technique works by raising the melting temperature of ice
Cooking spray- cooking spray on the end of your shovel can help it glide through piles
Tarp- place a tarp over cars and walkways for small flurries. Simply remove it when it's done!

With these small adjustments, work smarter not harder this winter! Simple changes to an everyday item can make a world of difference. And keep checking the Kratos Gas & Power blog for excellent tips!