Are You Cleaning Correctly?

21 May, 2021

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As adults, we take on many tasks that might be brand new to us. Paying taxes, meal prepping, cleaning, etc. And because of this, we may feel like we are floundering out of our depth. Do we truly know how to clean our showers in the most efficient manner? Do you know how often to dust your home? We are going to break down the when and how of general household chores to keep your household sparkling clean without all the elbow grease.



Cleaning your bathroom is one of the most loathed household chores but a necessary one. A few easy steps to have a sparkling clean and disinfected bathroom with products you already own. While cleaning your bathroom you may be under the impression that you must fumigate with strong cleaners and bleach. This is not always the case. A mix of white vinegar and baking soda can create a powerful cleaning agent without the toxic smells! Use this mixture to clean grout, apply, and let sit. Agitate and rinse for a brighter and whiter shower interior.


Use white vinegar to clean the residue leftover from water sources. Spray onto and into the showerhead to release clogged water spouts, spray and wipe from the shower walls and door to reduce shower scum. 


When it comes to the porcelain throne, do not skip the disinfectants. Here is where you should soak with high-powered cleaners. Be sure to get around the base of your toilet as well, the nooks and crannies are where germs come to thrive.



Sinks get tons of use, but they’re clean, right? Even though they may get wiped down often, they still need a little TLC. Sprinkle baking soda over a well-rinsed sink and start scrubbing with a small amount of dish soap. This works wonders without scratching the surface of your sink.


Depending on what stove you own, there will be different steps to take. If you own a natural gas stove, you can follow this link for an easy breakdown of how to properly care for natural gas stoves! For electric stoves, trusty baking soda is your go-to again! Are you sensing a theme? Make a paste with three parts baking soda and one part water and apply to the stovetop. Let sit, agitate, and wipe down! To make your stovetop sparkle, finish with glass cleaner.


Ovens come with a pre-installed setting to run a self-cleaning cycle. Should you use it? If you have a heavy job at hand, it’s recommended that you clean out the oven before. This is to eliminate any dangers of food lighting on fire, or heavy smoke damaging your kitchen.



Think that just vacuuming alone can keep your carpets clean? Think again! Unfortunately, that will not get all to all the lingering dust and debris that can get clogged and woven into the fibers. Along with regular maintenance, it would behoove you to also steam clean your carpets at least twice a year. This will help lengthen the lifetime of your carpets, as well as keep your household allergens low. Dander and dust love to bury themselves into these crannies!


Wood floors are back in style in a big way, but do you know how to properly care for them? First off, you need to find out what your floors are coated in. Is it wax or polyurethane? This will help you properly clean your floors. An easy tip to finding out is the water drip test. If the water droplets soak into the floor, it is most likely wax. If they stay on top, polyurethane is your best guess. With wax, using a combination of a cleaning solution, followed by a coat of wax, whereas a polyurethane floor requires a vinegar and water combo.

We hope that these simple but proper cleaning tips will help motivate you to keep your home in sparkling clean condition. The longevity of your interior can help save you money over time! Keep checking the Kratos Gas & Power blog for lifestyle tips!