Reduce Your Carbon Emissions

30 June, 2022

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Lifestyle Tips,

As the summer rolls on, we may notice how hot everything seems! It is a good reminder to take a personal stake in reducing your own carbon emissions to lessen the greenhouse gas effect on the world. What are everyday changes you can make without breaking the bank? We are glad you asked! Read on!

Buy Carbon Offsets

Not sure on where to begin? Buying carbon offsets is the quickest and easiest way to reduce your carbon footprint without changing anything else in your life! Kratos Gas and Power has created an easy calculator to give you a clear monthly number that will cover your lifestyle. Once you are signed up, we take care of the rest! Get an estimate today in minutes!

Eat Your Veggies

Switching to veggies or omitting meat once a week is a huge carbon negater. The beef industry is one of the biggest contributors to carbon output and cutting back is not only healthy for the Earth but also for your wallet! Eating more vegetables in the summer is also an excellent way to stay hydrated which is supremely important for healthy activities. 

Switch Your Transport

Now, with gas prices at an all time high,  reducing carbon emissions makes sense when traveling! Walking to the store instead of driving, carpooling to the beach, and biking to your date night can all be ways to cut back on emissions and bills! Learn more in your local area about local transport available to you!

Lowering or even fully negating your carbon emissions is not just for the super dedicated. We've made it easy for anyone to participate at any level they feel comfortable! The steps to a greener future are right in front of us, we just have to take the leap!