How to Turn Your Patio into a Place You'll Never Want to Leave

29 October, 2020

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Every patio space can use a little shake-up from time to time. And now that we’re seeing consistently warmer weather with May’s arrival, there’s no better time than now to start considering your options.   

Wash thoroughly

Before adding any new furniture pieces, plants or other accessories, you’ll want to make sure your patio concrete is blemish-free to the best of your ability. The better the base of your patio looks, the better everything else will look when you go to add layers. Start by using a high flow nozzle on your hose to pressure wash any dirt or blemishes from the surface. You can use a degreaser or similar product and deck brush to remove more difficult stains. Once stains are removed, you can ensure your patio is resistant to future stains by applying a sealant with a paint roller. When painting or applying anything using a paint roller, be sure to start in the middle of the space and work your way out towards the edges.  

Start a container garden

This is a lot simpler than it sounds, even to someone who is completely new to gardening. In case you are a beginner, you may want to choose plants and flowers instead of trying to germinate seeds which can be more difficult and time consuming. More often than not, you’ll want to choose self-draining containers. As long as you choose the correct size for the size of a fully mature plant, don’t be afraid to choose bold patterns or colors. In Ohio, flowers like lantana, angelonia, pink salvia, impatiens, and heliotrope are easy to grow. You can also choose to grow vegetables like salad greens, beets, carrots and peppers or herbs like basil, garlic, lavender and mint.  

Add colorful outdoor furniture

There are countless options on the market as far as patterns and colors of outdoor furniture. Before you start buying any pieces, though, consider the colors that already surround your patio. What color is your home? What color are the plants around your patio? Make sure to choose colors and shapes that are flattering to your surroundings. Once you’ve decided on a palette, consider whether you’ll choose to bring color through your cushions and pillows or through the furniture’s material itself. For example, wicker and metal furniture pieces now come in many trendy and seasonal colors to choose from. Also consider brightening up the area with an outdoor rug in a bright primary color or softer, tropical colors.  


There are countless options when it comes to how you light up your outdoor patio space. String lights, torches, candles, landscaping lights or even gas lanterns can all add special charm to any space. Before you decide on a light source, consider other factors like budget and multipurpose functionality. For example, if you opt to go for candles or torches there’s a certain level of monetary upkeep to having a well-lit space, but it may also help with keeping unpleasant pests at bay. With other certain kinds of lighting, you may actually end up attracting bugs. Natural gas-powered lanterns are known for providing soft, ambient lighting and can be one of the cheapest sources of outdoor lighting on the market today.  With each option, there are pros and cons so weigh them carefully before making a final decision. 

Invest in an outdoor kitchen

This option is perhaps the most costly but it completely transforms the space into a more functional entertainment area. If you plan to spend a lot of time out on your patio entertaining or relaxing, consider investing in an outdoor cooking space. Not only is it great for spending time with guests while cooking your favorite foods, but adding an outdoor cooking space can dramatically increase the value of your home. When it comes to options, there are plenty. Once you’ve decided on the area and size of the space, next you’ll decide things like the materials and portability. Just as with lighting, there are pros and cons that come with the options in materials. Some materials stain more easily than others and while some may come in a shade you prefer the drawback may be that it can crack easily. When planning the size and materials, remember to budget anywhere between $300 and $2,000 or more. The number tends to grow larger with custom-built options.  

Whatever combination of ways you choose to breathe new life into your patio space, with a little time and effort you can easily turn it into a place you’ll never want to leave!