Let Pallet Wood Transform Your Home

29 October, 2020

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Summer 2020 has some ups, no summer school yay! But also some downs, no Michigan Adventure BOO! You might find yourself with more time on your hands and a burning desire to get busy on your home, turning it into an oasis you won’t want to escape from. With all things home reno, we want it budget friendly and newbie friendly, so we picked one of the most versatile and often FREE resources we could find, pallet wood! Pallets are used to transport goods, a sturdy structure inside of trucks and trains. They are a never ending resource because stores always need deliveries! Let’s dive into the many ways you can use these pallets to create something new!

Locate and Prep

Many businesses will leave wood pallets outside after unloading. Check first, but many are happy to rid themselves of a few to ease the burden of getting rid of them. You want to look for pallets that do not have any split or stained wood. Stains can be animal byproduct and split wood can lessen the strength integrity of your pallet. To prep, you will need to separate all the wood from itself. Be sure to remove the tiny nails that are jammed in. These can be time consuming to remove but you need to be thorough, you wouldn’t want to ease into your new bench and feel a pinch! Once all nails are gone, time to sand. Using an electric sander will be your best bet, getting rid of any potential splinters along the way. Now that you have good, clean, wood you are ready to choose your project!

The fun part is choosing a project. How would you like to upgrade your home? It could be with a piece of furniture, or a new pathway. Pallet wood can work well in temporary spaces, like a dorm room. Pallet wood can also work great outdoors, seeing as it is free, except for your sweat equity, you don’t have to worry about the elements ruining a piece. Considering the price of outdoor furniture these days, we would say that this DIY is the way to go. 

We’ve categorized projects by time, tools, and knowhow it takes. In the beginner level, very few tools are needed, if any, gradually building to the advanced which will definitely take some experience. That TeePee is pretty cool though, right?

Beginner Pallet Wood Transformations

Done in a day

-Towel holder

-Key rack

-Picture frame

Done in a weekend

-Cube lights


-Coffee Table

Intermediate Wood Pallet Ideas

Done In a Day


-Kitchen Island

Done In a Weekend

-Platform Bed

-Garden Planters

Advanced Projects

Done In a Day


Done In A Weekend


Pallet wood is a resource that you can feel good about using. Not only are you saving money but you are also upcycling an item that used to be discarded. Good for the environment and good for your home! Kratos Gas & Power recommends that you first take the proper safety percautions.