Schooling From Home; Make The Most Of Your Space

04 August, 2021

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Heading back to school can be a hectic affair. Rushing to find clothing, school supplies, and planning lunch meals. The trips back and forth to school for scheduling classes, sports, and after-school clubs. These next few weeks might feel the most stressful of all because of the changing requirements for in-person schooling. Whether you are choosing to home-school or online school we have some tips to keep your head in the game and your budget in check.

Home School

Creating a productive homeschooling environment is key to getting great work done with your student. By designating a specific space for your child, you are promoting focus separate from the distractions of home. Devoid of the normal toys that they might find in their room, their learning area should have thought-provoking decor. 

-Aim for age-appropriate images. You can skip the ABCs for a 10-year-old but no need for the Constitution. You can find posters online that can be printed at your local Fed-Ex

-Don’t worry too much about a matching color scheme, but instead try for a comfortable space. Go shopping for a chair with your child, have them sit on a few to make the decision on their own. Local thrift shops or resale stores offer many options without hefty price tags. Consider making a few separate spaces for reading, break time, and interactive experiments.

-Cut back. It may be easy to get carried away with ideas and decorations, but edit down your choices. Too much stimuli can feel overwhelming and distracting. Bring out different teaching tools but then return back to their rightful place. The same goes for books, pillows, etc.

Online Schooling

Online schooling presents a unique obstacle because of the need for a screen. This goes beyond the usual tips for homeschooling and you can instead consider more tips for a home office.

-Consider airflow. Machines create massive amounts of heat, often making an uncomfortable temperature. To decrease this and increase productivity, think of where a fan may be appropriate. Between desk, standing, or ceiling, their choice may help kids stay put a little longer. 

-Look into types of desks. A comfortable place to learn can be a game-changer when it comes to the monotony of online schooling. A standing desk doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg, this list has some excellent examples of DIY options! (One is under 25$!)

-Take breaks away from the screen. It might feel easiest to watch a movie while already at the desk, but taking time away from the area can be the biggest boost in concentration. Practicing zen time, going for walks, playing board games, can all be positive distractions for learning-age kids.

Learning from home can feel overwhelming for parents and kids alike, but take advantage of the support groups around the globe that share tips and stories to help you through the next months! And keep checking back to the Kratos Gas & Power Blog for more lifestyle ideas.