Warm Your House Without Breaking The Bank

30 October, 2021

With costs rising in every category of living, you want to be sure that you save money where and when you can. When it comes to your utility bill, one of the biggest expenses in the winter is the heating bill. There is a fine line between freezing your family out and saving a few extra dollars. How will you navigate this cold season as a savvy home saver? We have a few tips to help your heating budget stay low while still staying cozy. And the best part? You won’t have to purchase a single thing!


Your main way to control the temperature in your home, this tiny gauge can sometimes cause massive fights! If you want to avoid these tussles, try saving money when the house is vacant. At times when the house is vacant, turn the heat down. Be sure that you never turn your thermostat lower than 50 degrees, or else you will be in the world of frozen pipe problems! This can save you up to 10% on your heating throughout the year.

This can all be made easier and more efficient by an automated process by investing in a smart or programmable thermostat. These, since based on patterns, help to reduce human error, and can save an additional 5% on heating bills throughout the year. 

Space Heater

Some of us older folk have memories of being curled up by a space heater in the dead of winter. These models have unfortunate histories of catching on fire and you may have stayed away from these home items. Luckily over the years, improvements have been made and space heaters can be a great way to reduce your heating costs this winter. 

This may be an option if you have a home with many unused rooms or only a few inhabitants. Turning down your heat at night (remember not lower than 50 degrees) and using space heaters can be an economical way to sleep. When considering a model look for one with a thermostat or timer setting that can save energy but doesn’t overheat your room. And always read and follow safety instructions!

Feng Shui

Rearranging your interior can help keep you warm this winter. These tips address the metaphysical flow as well as air currents in your home.

Bedroom- Change your sheet color to a more neutral and natural color. Think tan, creams, or darker green. Move your headboard away from a window. This will keep the top of your head, which lets most body heat escape, far from cold drafts. Move against a sturdy wall instead.

Living Room-LIght candles at night and let natural light in during the day. Just make sure both are extinguished when the light changes. The candles add soft lighting and small amounts of heat while during the day sunlight does the same. 

These simple, quick, and free changes can help your household save money during the cold season. With the holidays fast approaching, every little bit helps! While you’re at it, check out what Kratos Gas & Power can save you on your bill, we are known to help families save hundreds per year, on average.