How To Help Your Mental Health

11 February, 2021

Lifestyle Tips,

Winter is known for cold weather and gloomy days. Many experience a change in their mental health, some even experience SAD or seasonal affective disorder. Couple this with the on-going uncertainty of COVID regulations and restrictions in Ohio and it may feel difficult to crack a smile these days. Despair no longer, there are several ways to boost your mood for free! We have four ideas that will help your mental health stay on track. 

If you or someone you know is struggling with suicidal thoughts please call 800-273-8255 or visit

Plan a vacation

This might sound crazy, after all we just touched on the uncertainty of the future. But, planning a vacation, one you might not even take, can boost your mood naturally and instantly! Dubbed the “vacation anticipation”, Carla Manly, PhD, explains, “In essence, the simple act of imagining a future positive event can induce a sense of joy and well-being.” So pick an exotic location, check out restaurants you would go to, boutiques to shop in, search for the perfect flight. All of these tiny planning details can help your mental health for months.

Work up a sweat

Working out is not just for physical aesthetics. Pushing yourself physically releases endorphins, your body’s natural mood booster. If the thought of exercise brings a frown to your face, try to commit to just 15 minutes. Experts say that 15 minutes is enough time to reap the mental rewards! Check YouTube for free videos or start a free trial with BeachBody, Obe, Barr3, the list goes on! Your mental health will receive a boost immediately and have a compounded effect over time.

Take time to smell the scents

Scent can play a large role in feeling good, even for a short moment. Different smells have different emotional triggers that can help your mental health. Try:

  • Lemon- when you’re feeling angry, nervous or simply tired. Even for a boost of confidence
  • Orange- for relaxation, positivity and peace.
  • Peppermint- for focus and concentration.

Let the sun shine in

Rays from the sun contain healing properties that deliver our much needed daily dose of Vitamin D, and helps us absorb calcium and phosphorus. Considering that Ohio gets only 30% of sunny days in January, don’t miss your chance. Open up blinds and curtains to let the sunshine in. If you are in office, take a 5 minute break and leave your phone. Soak up those rays where and when you can. 

Altering your mindset may sound like a difficult task to undergo, but a better mood is truly only a few seconds away. Try implementing one or all of these methods to help your winter sail by. Keep checking back to Kratos Gas and Power’s blog for more lifestyle tips!