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Time Out Chores To Save Money in The Winter

01 March, 2022

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Winter weather stretches on and your heating bill may be feeling the strain. Do you make the hard choice between freezing in your own house or paying more for comfort? We want to help you eliminate that difficult and uncomfortable decision. To help with higher heating costs we have a few ways to utilize your schedule. It all comes down to timing with these easy lifestyle tips!

Sign Up For A Variable Rate

This can be done anytime, any day. Signing up for a variable rate with Kratos Gas & Power is a great way to save money throughout the year. Instead of paying a high premium every month of the year, a variable rate can pass on savings to customers when the energy market fluctuates. On top of that, Kratos offers an excellent introductory rate for signing up! Check out what we can do for your household bills today!

Cut Shower Time In Half

This everyday activity can add up when it comes to heating costs. A hot shower in the winter is a lovely luxury that you don’t have to cut out! Even if you love the feeling of scalding hot water, consider cutting your shower time in half. A single person reducing their water consumption can save a household triple digits over the course of a year! Think about a family of 4! A few ways to shorten your time are:

-Shave before running water

-Turn off  water while you lather hair and body

-Run back to back showers for household members so the water temperature stays consistent

Do Laundry At Night

Did you know there are peak energy usage times? This is when the energy grid is under the most stress. In Ohio, the peak hours are between 10 am to 8 pm. Meaning that in the off hours, you will save money by doing the same daily chores! Laundry is one of the biggest energy costs for families, so consider doing your load either early in the day or late at night. 

Use Stove When At Home

The kitchen stove is a great fringe heating method. Because warmth is generated for a sustained period of time, consider doing big cooks in the hours you are home. That usually means later at night, when temps have already cooled off. After cooking your roast or casserole, keep the oven door open as it cools! This is an excellent way to use the energy twice for one lower cost. 

With Spring rapidly approaching, many are thinking ahead toward warmer days. But as every Ohio citizen knows, these cold months can sometimes stretch on. Save money now just by timing your daily chores! And keep checking back to the Kratos blog for energy and money-saving tips every month.