How to Have A Low Waste Christmas

04 December, 2020

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Christmas is truly a whole season. With lovely decorations, celebrations, and food, we sometimes get overwhelmed with all there is to do. Christmas can feel like a never-ending wheel of cooking and shopping. But it doesn’t have to be. Have you considered a low waste Christmas? Having a low waste Christmas does not mean having a no fun Christmas. It might actually mean you get to save money, time and save a bit of resources in the process! Read on for our tips on how to have a low-waste Christmas.


Decorations can really set the mood for your holiday ahead. But we don't have to go broke and buy all single-use items when creating a beautiful environment.

Get scrappy. At most Christmas tree lots, you can buy pine scraps for pennies on the dollar and even get them for free depending on where you go. These can be used to create Christmas wreaths, arrangements, and even fireplace mantels.

Try old-fashioned decor. Dehydrated citrus slices can become beautiful garlands. Oranges with cloves pressed in can be an excellent way to scent your house. Popcorn on a string has a kitchen feel but also easily fed to birds later on. Salt dough ornaments can be made every year and saved through generations and they're super easy to create!


For a low waste Christmas, try buying in bulk! There's nothing worse than running to the store because you need one more cup of sugar so buy and bulk early. This will help you save money as well as packaging.

Try making recipes that repeat multiple ingredients. For example, orange cranberry bread, cranberry and brie appetizers, and a cranberry sauce for your Christmas roast. Reducing the variation of items you buy, lessens the waste created.


Gift giving can always be a source of stress, you want to find the perfect thing for everyone on your list! But that doesn't mean you have to buy quantity over quality. A low waste Christmas means giving meaningfully.

Consider gift cards. Nowadays, gift cards can be sent electronically reducing the amount of paper waste drastically.

Check out repurposed. Thrift stores might not seem like the most glamorous of Christmas shopping locations, but there are many things that are irreplaceable and special. Upcycling is a huge trend that often creates a one-of-a-kind item from something that would originally be thrown away.

Try making an experience the gift. For any age, memories hold special places in their hearts. Not often do items have the same lifespan. Helicopter ride, private dinner, even Cameo, the personalized videos from celebrities, can be special gifts that last a lifetime.

A low waste Christmas can also mean a less stressful Christmas. You do not have to worry about making everything perfect or buying in excess. It might make you appreciate a bit more of the reason for the season. We hope you have a wonderful holiday no matter how you celebrate!