Take Financial Advantage Of Winter

28 January, 2022

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While this winter hasn't been devoid of storms, it is on record one of the milder seasons that Ohio has experienced. How do you spend your winter? Inside sipping cocoa or outside sweating and shoveling? Did you know your shovel shape actually makes a huge difference? What it means to Kratos Gas & Power, is that the savings on your natural gas bill can be tremendous! 

Because we are an energy provider that operates within states with deregulated energy structures, it means that we do not fix our rate at a high amount to compensate for the highs and lows of the energy market. Energy is treated as stock, as a commodity, and it dips and rises in price. But at Kratos, we have experts with decades of experience who are able to navigate these stocks and get you the best possible price for natural gas. On average our customers save hundreds of dollars compared to competitors. Have you checked out our rates? You could easily be saving your household money while still staying warm indoors. Read on to discover what else you can take advantage of when the snow is piling up.

Shop Sales

Now is the start of winter clothing going on sale, and since the Midwest has it's a share of cold weather well into April, take advantage of sales happening throughout the US. Shopping online is a great way to find tons of stock and plenty of price ranges. A few stores that are known for their wintertime sales are:

-Nordstrom Rack “Clear the rack sale”

-Old Navy

-REI winter clearance sale


Start Organizing

Clearing out clutter from the pervious year can be a great way to spend time indoors. By evaluating what you have, you are better equipped to find out what you may need. Donating and clearing out space can be a cathartic experience that helps your everyday life much easier.

Closets- Donate any clothing that no longer fits. Toss items that cannot be reused like undergarments anything stained or broken. Separate winter items from spring for an easy transition into the next season.

Pantry- Check dates on canned and dry items, get rid of an expired items. Donate any items you won’t be using to a local food pantry. Try to make a game out of creative recipes! This is a wonderful site that helps turn random items into a tasty meal. 

Home Office- Have any papers of importance lying around? Sometimes these get placed in many areas without much plan for organization. Start to locate and prioritize these documents. Consider scanning a copy into a shared cloud or online folder for ease when not physically capable of accessing them.

Winter is the season that drags on forever! Make the most of your time indoors by clearing out your clutter, shopping the sales, and saving money on your natural gas bill! Keep checking back to our lifestyle blog for excellent money saving tips.