Gas Stove Necessities You Need

21 October, 2021

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Natural gas stoves are a beautiful addition to any home. Their superior aesthetic, cooking times and energy-saving abilities check all boxes! But are you using the correct tools for your stove? We have all the insights below. 


Size- When choosing cookware for your natural gas stove, be sure to measure the circumference of the burners. This doesn’t have to take heavy math, you can easily eyeball. What is important is that the flames from the stove are covered completely by the pot or pan. This is an important safety technique to keep from flames licking your sleeves or burning your fingers!

Material-It is important to use a material that distributes heat evenly throughout for the best cooking result. Stainless steel with aluminum or copper layers are go-to's that will last your family years when kept well. 

Safety- Always turn handles of pots and pans away from the flame so they do not catch on to clothing or people using the walkway. 


After you’ve selected your proper cookware, keep them in great working condition by using the correct utensils. Nothing is worse than scratching your valuable cooking surface with incorrect cooking tools!

Wood- Wood is a classic option for cooking with aluminum and copper. This neutral material will not heat up when stirring food, making it great for little tastes along the way! Wood is still a natural material, so keep them pliable by regular oiling.

Silicone- A new material with many benefits, silicone will not absorb flavor, smell, or color. It is great for curries, rich sauces, and bright foods! Silicone does not have a melting point, which makes it perfect for gas stove safety. 


Across time and continents, gas stoves have reigned supreme when it comes to cooking food. Due to the evenness of the cook, the ability to control temperature almost instantaneously, and the clean burn of the fuel, it still is preferred by chefs. Channel your inner chef at home with a few simple recipes sure to impress. 

Stirfry- Chinese cooking is traditionally done over an open flame using a wok. By utilizing your natural gas stove’s heating capability, you are able to replicate the quick toss of perfect stir-frys! Check out this great sauce to use over any combination of veggies and meat!

Roasted Veggies-A natural gas stove is essentially an open flame, and creates opportunities for jam-packed flavor! By roasting tomatoes and peppers, you can create a smoky salsa. Try corn for tasty elotes! 


Espresso- Have you ever heard of a Moka Pot? This classic, angular pot is used to make traditional espresso without the large and expensive machine you’ve seen in your local coffee shop. A natural gas stove allows you to properly boil the grounds, rewarding you with delicious and rich traditional blends. 

Griddle- a great addition for brunch mornings. Simply lay the griddle attachment on top of two stove-tops for a perfect multi-tasking tool. Cook eggs, pancakes, and proteins all in one!

A natural gas stove is a benefit to the home in many ways. Not only will you be able to create the recipes of your dreams, but you will also be saving money on your utility bills. Natural gas homes, on average, save hundreds of dollars a year. With the winter months quickly approaching, you’ll want to check Kratos Gas & Power’s rates today!