Natural Gas Appliances Worth The Switch

15 January, 2021

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Save Money,

Natural gas appliances go far beyond a beautiful stove. Did you know that most electric appliances have a natural gas counterpart? Most households experience a savings of several hundreds of dollars when they switch to natural gas for just their heating services. Imagine how much more your family could save when using those everyday tools. From clothing to cooking, we run down what can and should be swapped for natural gas appliances.


Natural gas stoves top the list for the most sought after natural gas appliance and for good reason. Cooking with gas not only saves you money but also time. Because of the ability to quickly heat your pan as well as evenly cook your meal. Flame surrounds the pan’s bottom in a way that eclectic coils are unable to. If you go for the full combo of a natural gas range, the oven portion of your appliance has much faster pre-heating and cooking times. Soon, you can channel your inner Julia Childs and create food masterpieces like never before. 

Water heater

Overwhelmingly, natural gas appliances' best feature is their ability to save money over electric. This is no exception for a water heater. In Ohio, your water heater is one of the hardest working appliances in winter and beyond. To have an appliance that performs well and efficiently, should be the goal for all homes. Another stand out feature on natural gas water heaters, you can use your water heater when there is a power outage. In Ohio, down power lines are an unfortunate side effect of snow, heavy rain, even blustery days. Wouldn’t it be nice to have peace of mind when it comes to a hot shower in heavy storms?


Love the look of flames crackling on a cold night? Natural gas fireplaces are the easiest and cleanest choice. Wood burns beautifully but leaves a heavy mess. If you are a household with young children, limited mobility, or even just on a time crunch, a natural gas fireplace will help you get more from your appliance. These fireplaces distribute heat more evenly than the traditional. Have you ever felt like you needed to get so close to the fire you almost got burnt? No more singes on your blankets, the fans within this appliance helped to spread that lovely warmth across the room.


Did you know that electricity is actually lost along power lines as it travels to its destination? From there, when being converted into heat to dry your clothes, even more is lost. This is why a natural gas dryer is a more energy efficient choice for this weekly household task. Gas dryers also tend to cut drying in half, saving you time to relax just a bit more. Want another gold nugget on the side of natural gas dryers? These appliances can eliminate ironing because of the sped up dissipation of heat at the end of the cycle, no wrinkles!

Are you thinking about upgrading to natural gas appliances? Worried about the cost? We have an excellent and informative blog post detailing the rewards of upgrading your appliances. Be sure to check back to Kratos Gas & Power’s weekly blog to learn more helpful tips on saving money in the home!