10 Family Activities to Pass the Time When You're Stuck Inside

29 October, 2020

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Between the colder weather and the increased numbers of COVID-19, some of us still find ourselves inside our homes more than before. If you and your family are feeling stuck inside with boredom and nothing to do, here are ten ways to pass the time a little easier!

Rearrange furniture

Change up the space in your home by moving your furniture to fit in a new orientation. And while you’re at it, consider reorganizing the items on the shelves, too. You may be surprised how something like relocating and organizing items can breathe new life into your home.

Catch up on your shows

If you don’t have young kiddos, this is the perfect time to binge watch the season(s) you missed on your favorite show. Once you’re all caught up, you can revisit an old favorite or start watching the show your coworkers always seem to be talking about. That way you’ll also have something to reconnect with your coworkers about once you get back.

Hold a balloon tennis match

Get the kids moving by seeing how long they can keep the balloon from touching the floor by swatting it back and forth. They can use paper plates or even their hands. See if they can beat their record each time it hits the floor (if it ever does!) You might even add a fun challenge by setting a rule that no matter where the balloon is, the same person can’t touch it twice in a row to keep it from hitting the floor.

Have fun indoor camping

If you don’t own a tent, make one out of sheets, blankets and pillows! Make camp-style food to eat in the “tent” while you tell stories and play games. This is an especially great way to reconnect and enjoy the best parts of camping without having to “rough it”.

Host a dance party (hokey pokey, musical chairs, freeze dance)

Kids can burn some energy and get moving by having an indoor dance party. The hokey pokey, musical chairs and even freeze dancing are perfect candidates. For the freeze dance, play music for 10 seconds or so and then stop to see who can hold completely still before starting the music again. Kids can have fun coming up with silly poses for when the music stops.

Plan your summer vacation

Don’t let what’s happening right now keep you from looking forward to the future. Get a head start on planning your summer vacation! If you don’t already have an idea of where you’d like to go, see “5 Best Places to Travel on a Budget in 2021”. If you don’t have the money or interest in traveling anywhere for summer vacation, rediscover your local area by taking a “stay-cation” instead.

Bake together

Fill your home with the smell of tasty baked goods and have the whole family work together to make something truly tasty. Follow a recipe online or blow the dust off the old family cookbook and pick one together. Afterwards, enjoy the fruits of your labor and reconnect as a family at the table! (Speaking of cooking, follow us on Facebook or Instagram to see our recipe series for National Nutrition Month!)

Play board games and try brain teasers

Keep your mind sharp and focused with games like Sudoku, crossword puzzles, mazes and riddles. There are also plenty of mobile apps designed to challenge your brain like CogniFit Brain Training and Elevate. Keep track of high scores and compete with family members to see who can solve a puzzle the fastest.

Catch up with family and friends

Take this time to visit with family and friends over the phone or on Skype. Don’t let disengaging from your busy life outside the home be a reason to lose touch with those who matter to you most. Considering the reason many of us are cooped up at home, you may also just want to check in and make sure loved ones are taking care of themselves and aren’t sick.

Declutter and organize

Spring is still here regardless of the circumstances, so don’t let anything be an excuse to avoid your annual spring cleaning! Make it a family effort and have everyone pitch in to help you get done even faster. Some of us will have no problem jumping into action to usher in the new season, but if you’re feeling overwhelmed and don’t really know where to start, find your motivation with “5 Quick Spring Cleaning Tips”. In these uncertain times, don’t let staying home be a burden, but make it a time to refresh, cherish time with your family and have fun. We value helping you make the most of life in your home by providing reliable service and competitive rates. Stop overpaying in energy costs and make Kratos the hero of your home. Contact us today.