Eco-Friendly Home Design

07 January, 2021

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Eco-friendly homes have been slowly gaining popularity for decades. Even the term eco-friendly has permeated every aspect of life. From food, to cleaning supplies, to clothing, everyone is more conscious of their carbon footprint on the Earth. Do it yourself is also a rising trend, this attitude is attractive for able bodies to save money while creating their own personal oasis. Did you know that for 2021 the trend will be to combine the two? Net-zero buildings and homes are starting to pop up all over the country. Eco friendly home design is the hottest and most sustainable trend that we can all get behind.

Natural Gas Stoves.

One may think that natural gas stove tops are only for chefs, but it is actually a solid eco-friendly home design choice.  A natural gas stove actually uses less energy than its electric counterpart. This is because natural gas heats faster and more efficiently. Natural gas is also cheaper for households, saving hundreds of dollars a year for most. Gas stoves also tend to last 5+ years longer than electric ones. Now, you will have to factor in the price of replacing your previous stove, is it worth the price point? Stoves that have unreliable coils, unpredictable heating, and unresponsive areas are all signs that your unit needs replacing. January is a great time to buy a natural gas stove. 

Bamboo flooring. 

Wood floors are a timeless classic when it comes to home improvements. Usually a heavy investment, bamboo floors are gaining popularity when it comes to upgrading your eco friendly home. Bamboo is a sustainable material because of the rate in which bamboo grows. In just a few years bamboo is ready for harvest, as opposed to traditional hardwood floors which take decades to reach maturity.  It also takes less water and less oxygen to produce the product. Surprisingly, the benefits do not stop there! Bamboo floors are also cheaper than the average pine or walnut counterpart. 

Living Wall. 

A living wall is a beautiful way to brighten a home. This wall consists of plants, whether they be purely for decoration or for food, these walls offer excellent air quality. Many homes can benefit from low maintenance living walls, and for the craftier family, a low cost build as well!

Eco-friendly design trends are different in a very distinguishable way, even if the style fades, the benefits do not. That means that when you invest in these home improvements, you are doing it for the betterment of the environment as well as your wallet. Keep checking back to the Kratos Gas & Power blog for plenty of home improvement tips!