10 Budget-Friendly Cleaning Hacks

29 October, 2020

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We know you’re on a budget and spring is just around the corner, which is why we’ve decided to put together a list of our top 10 favorite cleaning hacks. What’s especially great about these is that most of them make use of items you already have laying around that you either don’t need anymore or can serve multiple functions. Read on below for some seriously effective cleaning techniques designed to save you time, money and even the environment. 

1. Clean a toilet with regular cola

If left for an hour (or better yet, overnight) the carbonic, citric and phosphoric acids in regular cola breaks down tough toilet stains.   

2. Make your glass stove top look new again with a magic eraser

Magic Erasers are known to be useful for a myriad of house cleaning jobs, one of which includes getting rid of cooked on stains. Afterwards, use a glass cleaner to remove leftover eraser residue and you have a beautiful, shiny stove top!   

3. Use aluminum foil as a dryer sheet for up to six months

Depending on the size of the laundry load, you can tightly wrap up to three tennis balls with aluminum foil, toss them in and beat static cling. You can rinse and repeat once they start to come apart (around 6 months or so).  

4. Make finger paint with expired Greek yogurt

For a non-toxic, washable finger paint you can add food coloring or Kool Aid to expired Greek yogurt. Just make sure the yogurt is less than 3 weeks past its expiration date. Finger paint also does best on thicker material like a plastic table cloth rather than paper.   

5. Use cardboard tubes to get into tiny spaces

To vacuum tiny spaces you can add a cardboard tube to the end of your vacuum hose. This works especially well for getting between couch cushions and window tracks.   

6. Clean the baseboards in your home with a rag and a broom

Grab a rag that you know will wrap completely around the end of your broom and then keep it in place by using a rubber band or two. Now you can clean the baseboards (and even crown molding) without risking a back injury.   

7. Glaze your car’s windows with WD-40 to prevent snow build-up

The WD-40 will keep the snow (and ice) from sticking to your car windows before a snow storm, saving you from having to scrape it off the next time you need to go somewhere.   

8. Easily clean leaves off your roof or out of your gutters by attaching a PVC pipe to the end of your leaf blower

Using this method, you can save yourself from a potential risk of injury by using a ladder and spend less time cleaning up the exterior of your home.   

9. Save money and make your own non-chemical floor cleaner

To make the floor cleaner, mix 2 tablespoons of borax with about 4-5 tablespoons of white vinegar and a pinch of dish soap. Just add warm water and you have a potent but non-hazardous floor cleaner. Also feel free to make in advance and store for later use.  

10. Deep clean your shower door tracks using white vinegar

Simply soak some paper towels in vinegar, leave them in the shower track for 30 minutes and scrub away with a toothbrush. The acidity in white vinegar breaks down build up like soap scum, hard water residue and other yummy stuff that routinely seems to accumulate in bathroom crevices.  We hope these pro cleaning hacks will help save you time, money and frustration (while helping the environment) next time you go to clean your home. If you’ve tried one of these hacks and have a story to share, let us know! We’d love to hear about your success. As for your energy needs, we know that you’re busy and that the last thing you need to worry about is energy costs or losing power at the worst possible time. Let us help you make Kratos the Hero of your Home by signing up for reliable, affordable energy services. Call or contact us and start saving today.