Internet Safety For Online Schooling

09 September, 2021

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Online safety is important for anyone venturing on the web. It doesn’t matter at what age, there will, unfortunately, be pitfalls with it when it comes to web browsing. When it comes to virtual schooling, there is an increased risk for your children, even while you are physically in the home. You want to equip your kids with all the tools it takes to stay safe. Between content catchers, agreements, and understandings you will all be able to navigate the school year and beyond safely on the world wide web. 

Talk With Your Kids

Having an open line of communication is one of the most important factors when it comes to online safety. Explain to your child what their limitations should be while online. Ideally, they will be strictly enrolled in their class. But there will always be the temptation to multi-task across tabs. Honesty is the best policy when it comes to mitigating the pitfalls of the internet. Be sure to impress that:

-Online strangers are still strangers

-Always get permission before going to a new website or clicking on links not sent directly from your teacher

-What information to keep safe like addresses, birthdates, names, and photos

Start these chats as soon as a child begins to use the internet. The more they are reminded about these dangers, the better informed your kids stay throughout their growing stages. 

Stay Up To Date

It is important to stay up-to-date with relevant information regarding your child. Your child’s teacher, class list, passwords, and current internet scams are paramount when it comes to internet safety. When you are busy yourself, sometimes details can slip through the cracks and that’s when you are especially vulnerable to phishing scams, via e-mail, or any type of messenger. The FTC constantly updates its site to keep the public informed on the latest scams; check in once a week to make sure you are aware of what is going around.

Content Filters

Because it is unreasonable to expect parents to be with each of their children the entire online schooling day, adults should get help from content blockers and filters. These online apps and extensions can easily shut down inappropriate content before it reaches the eyes of children. There are 4 different kinds that help. Filtering and blocking, blocking outgoing content, limiting time, and monitoring tools. For whatever your goal is with content filters, and it may very well be all four, we suggest this helpful guide. 

Are you feeling more prepared to tackle this semester of online schooling? With these tools, your child and you will stay aware and on top of online safety. Once you’ve equipped your devices and child, you now should consider the space in which the online learning will take place! Want some fantastic ideas that won’t break the bank? Even without online schooling, these tools can greatly improve your child’s relationship with the internet. Stay informed and keep checking back to the Kratos Gas & Power blog for weekly lifestyle tips and updates.