3 Reasons Black Friday Shopping Isn't Worth Your Money

23 November, 2022

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3 reasons Black Friday shopping isn’t worth your money.

Black Friday shopping has become a nationally loved day after Thanksgiving, but is it worth your money? Black Friday’s deals are known to be the best, but is that true?

We are here to help you answer these questions and find out if this Black Friday will be worth your time and money. 

  • Do you really need it?


Every year, on Black Friday, people buy things that end up dust covered in their storage closet. Something you may have spent $50-$100 on, just gone to waste. In the moment, you thought you needed that new product you’ve been waiting for, but in reality, it was a waste of money that you got no real value out of. We recommend that you look for products that will hold their value and have a usage for a longer time. A couple ideas for products that hold their value to keep an eye out for: A television, household appliances (washer, dryer, refrigerator, etc.), and jewelry. These are just a few items that ARE worth the money if you are in need of one.

  • Same deal, different day 

Deals, deals, deals… the only reason people go Black Friday shopping. People believe that Black Friday has the best deals out of the whole year, I mean what other day is anyone set up in tents outside of their favorite stores? Here’s the catch, The Wall Street Journal says, “gifts are often priced below Black Friday levels at various times throughout the year, even during holiday season.” This is proof that you don’t have to go buy all your Christmas gifts on Black Friday only. Remember to keep your eyes peeled on deals throughout the year for gifts or things you may need. You may find an even better deal than you would on Black Friday.


  • Cyber Monday might just be better


If you don’t like crowds of people or staying out all night just to get a good spot in line at your favorite store, then Cyber Monday might be better for you. A lot of the same deals and sometimes better ones will be available on Cyber Monday. This gives you all weekend to relax after stuffing yourself with some amazing Thanksgiving food, and then you can do some shopping on Monday.

Give these tips a try this upcoming Black Friday and Cyber Monday and save some money this year!