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Tech That Can Help You Save Money Easily

By June 1, 2020Money Saving Tips

Ah, the ever encroaching budget; it might seem like every month it becomes a little more thin and harder to envision your future dreams financially funded. Don’t despair! We can help you save money easily. These switches are easy to make and can often be done within minutes using the blessing of technology.


Save Money Easily With Coupon Apps


We can probably all remember our elders clipping coupons from the circulars and we might have even heard about EXTREME COUPONING, but who has the time? If you are like us and want the process a bit more streamlined, try using add-on coupon apps instead. All of these are free to use and you will save when you want, using the app at your leisure of bargain hunting on their current offers. 

For the desktop (your home computer)

Honey easily pops up when online shopping with codes as soon as you checkout. 

Wikibuy Can also automatically search and show you the same item cheaper somewhere else!

For Mobile Phones

Ibotta Offering a 20$ bonus when you sign up!

Rakuten Up to 40% discounts with their coupon codes!


Switch to a Variable Rate

This is the easiest task on the list because you only have to do it once and it’s done! A variable rate is one of the perks of living in Ohio, not all states are lucky enough to have competition in the market. The upside of a variable rate, is that you save money throughout the year by paying less on your bill when natural gas is cheap. A fixed rate plan pads their billing in order to ensure profits throughout the year. Check out what Kratos Gas & Power can offer you today


Use ALL of Your Amazon Perks


In 2020 it’s hard to imagine a household without an Amazon prime membership. We all know that Prime shipping is great but are you using all of your perks to save money easily?


-Sign up for recurring deliveries. This could be toilet paper, flea/tick medications, cleaning supplies. Anything that you use in a very timely manner can be a subscription on Amazon. This makes it easier for you as well, less trips to the grocery store and less relying on prices that could increase. Signing up for an Amazon subscription can save you up to 15% on an item! 

-Scan your QR code while shopping at Whole Foods. 

-Whole Foods offers FREE delivery in select zip codes as well as an extra 10% off sale items! They also run Prime membership specific deals every week, you can check them out here

-Stream music for free. Are you paying for a premium music streaming service? Stop immediately! Did you know that Amazon Music is included in your membership price? This service is commercial free and gives you access to every song you can think of. Make playlists and even download music for when you are offline.


The less we are able to worry about money, the more we are able to enjoy other aspects of life. These simple tips can help you spend less without too much thought or sacrifice! Keep checking in with the Kratos Gas & Power blog for great household tips and ways to save money easily.