Current Rates

We are currently offering special introductory rates of:

$2.85/mcf for new customers with Dominion Energy of Ohio as their utility provider.

$0.375/ccf for new customers with Columbia Gas of Ohio as their utility provider.

The Dominion Energy Ohio rate is for your first month of service and the Columbia Gas of Ohio rate is for your first 2 months of service. Utility service charges, fees, and taxes still apply, and you will continue on a variable rate plan that fluctuates with the natural gas market after your first two months.

Kratos Gas & Power offers competitive variable rate plans and your rate will vary month to month. For new customers, this will happen after your first month or first 2 months. There are a multitude of factors that can affect the price of natural gas: weather, location, supply factors and many others. We at Kratos are experts in navigating this complex landscape, which allows us to offer consistently low rates every month. For more information please contact us.