Current Rates

First-time customers can expect to receive either one of the following introductory rates. Your introductory rate and period will last according to your current utility provider. Find your utility below to see your expected introductory rate and period.

How do variable rates work?

Under a variable rate plan, gas service is billed at a price per MCF or CCF which may change based on market conditions. Variable monthly pricing is based on cost of gas supply purchased, transportation costs, administrative costs, and margin. The price per MCF or per CCF used to calculate your gas charge is Kratos’s price in effect on the first day of your meter reading cycle. This price does not include applicable taxes and/or NGDC charges, which will be billed by the NGDC.

Are there any switching fees?

There are also no cancellation fees after the 30-day enrollment period, however, you may have to pay cancellation fees to your current provider if you are under contract. Switching fees may also be charged by your NGDC pursuant to its PUCO approved tariff.

What happens when my contract expires?

After your first twelve months with Kratos, your contract will automatically renew unless you cancel. You will be renewed at the same standard monthly variable rate. If you cancel your service with Kratos at any time, you will not be charged a termination fee.

How long does the introductory rate last?

As part of our Variable Intro Price Program, new customers will be charged for gas at a fixed price of $2.85 per MCF or $0.375 per CCF for gas service during the first month of service. After the first billing month, customers will receive our month-to-month standard variable rate.

How much will my monthly bill be?

Your bill amount is variable and depends on a number of factors. These include home size, climate, appliance efficiency and the current natural gas rate. For customers with variable rate plans, charges will fluctuate from month to month based on market rates.  The sum of the charges on your bill include the charge for the amount of natural gas you use based on market rates every 28-32 days plus the utility charges for delivering natural gas to your home. If you believe your bill is inaccurate or have a question, customers can call 800-362-7557.

Why is my utility company’s name still on my bill?

Even if you decide to enroll in a retail supplier natural gas plan, you will always need to rely on the local utility to deliver directly to your home. Your local utility charges operational costs for this delivery. The local utility companies we work with specifically are Columbia Gas of Ohio and Dominion Energy. Kratos customers can choose to receive paper statements or pay online by going directly to their local utility’s website.

What are my payment options?

Currently, Kratos customers are encouraged to pay online using their local utility company’s website. To do so, see your utility here.

Average Rates for the last 6 months

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