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Food Safety In The Summer

By June 26, 2020Family Fun, Helpful

Summer is in full swing and with the beautiful weather, BBQs come aplenty. Having get-togethers can equal potlucks and large group meals, and even having your neighbors over can change how you normally meal plan. As you do start to cook in larger portions or even cook outside, do you know the proper food safety rules and when to apply them? Now is a great time to brush up on these skills in order to keep all your get-togethers safe as well as fun.


Give It Some Space


Food safety starts at the grocery store when you separate your food purchases (raw proteins get their own bag) and continues onward into your refrigerator. Always store raw protein at the bottom level of the refrigerator in airtight containers. This ensures no cross contamination. While prepping your foods, be sure to use separate cutting boards for vegetables and fruits than ones you use for meats. This will further ensure that no improper mixing takes place. 


Test Often


Food thermometers are great for two reasons. One, you can place these readers into cooking food like meats and casserole to ensure that you have reached the correct internal temperature, killing any germs that might be lingering inside. Here is a reference list of what the necessary temperatures are for most proteins.


Food thermometers are also important in food safety because after food has been sitting out for a specific amount of time, you can use them to see if their internal temperature has gotten too high. This is true for anything cold like coleslaw or deviled eggs. We suggest digital food thermometers, easy to read the true temperature and reusable. 

Cover It Up


Whether you are indoor or outdoor, covering your food will help to keep food safety a top priority. Remember that gross out fact you learned when you were a kid? Flies upchuck on your food when they land. What an appetite killer huh? These cute covers are cheap and easy to use when protecting your food from foreign invaders. 


Easy get togethers, picnics, and backyard BBQ’s are the name of the game in Ohio summers. It’s also a great way to showcase your beautiful new backyard. Be sure to use the weather to your advantage and ensure food safety with these rules to live by. Be sure to keep checking back with the Kratos Gas & Power Blog for helpful lifestyle tips!