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What You Should Buy In May To Save Money

Saving money is a season-less goal. We all try to save where we can, in order to splurge where we want. We follow the tips from the gurus like Dave Ramsey, reduce and reuse in as many instances as we can. But when all is said and done, buying items is a necessity. Did you know that there are specific times throughout the year that you should be making big purchases? Let us help you get the most bang for your buck; let us tell you what you should buy in May.



You should buy a new vacuum in May. May signals Spring which equals Spring cleaning, right? Not only is this the best season to get your homestead in tip-top shape, but it also is a great time to upgrade your appliances. Vacuums are a steal! Vacuums are an investment for the home, you want to choose a model that has quality and staying power. These powerful handheld tools are excellent at ridding your home of summer pollen, dust, and allergens that sneak in from the outside. Considering how much a Dyson goes for these days, you want to jump on the sales when you can.


Small Appliances

Spending a lot of time cooking lately? Since you’ve saved so much money from going out, now is a good time to try out new kitchen gadgets. Small appliances like, toasters, espresso machines, deep fryers and microwaves drop in price to the cheapest they will be all year. Have you been eyeing an Instant Pot or an Airfryer lately? Go for it!


Natural Gas

You may not think of your heating needs when the weather begins to heat up, but what you should buy in May is a new natural gas provider. By switching during the warmer months, you can save money with our variable rates! Many utilities charge a fixed rate, which is reliable but doesn’t allow you to take advantage of the ebbs and flows of energy use. Check out how we can save you money through this season and the next.



In addition to your fun new gadgets in your kitchen, May is also the best time to buy cookware. New pots and pans, as well as knives are now at the lowest cost you’ve seen in 2020. This is great news considering all the wear and tear these items have been under the last few months. With your new kitchen skill set you’ve acquired during social distancing, you should treat yourself to a new set of cutting utensils that will last for years to come. 


Consider what you should buy in May; prioritize and organize your finances to think big picture. Online shopping might become a more prominent activity, considering all the changes to our current lifestyle, so take advantage of the sales! Many sites are offering deals for Memorial Day as well as continued free shipping. Keep your eyes peeled next month for how to save on purchases in June!