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3 Tips to Save on Your Utility Bill (Part 1)

By October 19, 2018Money Saving Tips
Tips on how to save money on your utility or gas bill

“Why is my gas bill so high?”

You may or may not know that there are a few solid ways to cut back on your energy use without having to make any major sacrifices. Let’s take a room-to-room tour of your home or business and talk solutions.

The A/C Unit

Take a long hard look at your A/C unit because this is enemy number one. The Joker to your Batman, the Lex Luthor to your Superman. You get it. The A/C can eat up a whopping 47% of your gas that flows through your home.  You need your house to be cool in the summer and warm in the winter, so what can you do about this? Try this:

  • On nice days, open the windows. Letting your house breathe is not only great for the environment as it reduces your carbon footprint, but it’s also great for your wallet. So throw open those doors and windows and breath in some savings!

The Water Heater

The second biggest energy hog is hiding out in a closet. While not nearly as terrifying as your A/C unit, your water heater is the second largest energy consumer in your home. Heating water accounts for roughly 14% of your gas bill. Now I know you’re not in any hurry to start taking cold showers and I don’t blame you, but try these tips:

  • Invest in water efficient toilets around the house. It might cost a little up front but think of all those savings down the road. And while we’re on the subject of toilets – make sure they aren’t running. Your toilet’s cardio isn’t nearly as important as keeping your water bill to a minimum.
  • Investigate for any leaky pipes. Just like with your toilet, a leaking pipe can really creep up on your water bill.
  • Lastly, if you have a pool, try cover it when it’s not in use. Covering your pool will keep the water from naturally evaporating. If gallons, or even ounces, of water are evaporating into thin air, so are your savings.

Conserve Energy

Ever wish that you could just turn off the energy around your house so you don’t waste it? Well there’s an answer for that – use powerstrips around the house. Powerstrips have this wonderful feature that lets you stop power from flowing into unused devices like televisions or cable boxes. All you have to do if hit the off switch and you are on the way to saving!


These are just a few tips to get you started saving on your utility bill. We could on and on about different life hacks for how you could save money around the house. Don’t worry, though, we definitely will. We’ll even give you tips on ways to save money around the office.  If you find these tips helpful, leave us a comment below? We love hearing from you. And be on the lookout for more saving tips from Captain Kratos.